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Why Facebook Pixels are not allowed on out website

A decision we made recently at i-Ticketz, regarding Facebook pixels and the social network’s ability to track user data on our website is worth sharing here. In short: Facebook ads can be a good thing, but the relatively new “pixel” feature is not something we have authorized. Summary I have received several requests to add Facebook pixels to pages on the i-Ticketz website. The “pixel” refers to an HTML code snippet placed on specific pages that lets Facebook track user “conversions” from advertisements we place. Basically, it lets us know if our ads are effective or not. At issue is the fact that the data Facebook collects from its pixel feature is not anonymous and can be tied to individual users, often by name. This kind of data tracking violates our privacy policy, and is therefore not allowed on i-Ticketz websites.
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Bekijk onze club en artiesten bestand.

Velen van jullie gebruiken onze site al om tickets te kopen om alle gave evenementen die we aanbieden te bezoeken.

Dank daarvoor.
Maar wat de meeste waarschijnlijk nog niet weten is dat we een redelijk uitgebreid artiesten en club bestand hebben.

De artiesten en clubs zijn verbonden met de evenementen waar ze optreden respectievelijk plaatsvinden.

Op onze site vind je meer info over je favoriete artiest en kun je tracks beluisteren.

Ga naar voor meer artiesten info.
Of ga naar voor meer info over je favoriete clubs.

Heb je ideeen die ons helpen om je nog meer relevante informatie te geven? Laat het ons weten.

Mail naar als je denkt een geweldig idee te hebben.

i-Ticketz nu op youtube live

We hebben bij i-Ticketz live stream geintroduceerd. Hiermee kunnen we jullie als organisatoren nog beter bedienen.
De komende tijd gaan we live demo's voorbereiden.
Belangstelling? Stuur een mail naar en we houden je op de hoogte..

Hoe ontwerp ik mijn TicketShop

Meer informatie is ook te vinden in de help op onze site.

DESIGN YOUR TICKETSHOP Out of the box you can immediately start using out ticketshop.  But in case you want to customize it and look more stunning, we developed an very flexible in-browser designer tool, allowing you to create a very flexible ticketshop design. SO HOW DOES THIS WORK? Like all things on the web, our shop consists of a bunch of html, css(styles), and some javascript. The part that matters for you is the so called stylesheet. This is were the magic happens. We made it easy for you and created already some templates you can study.  Example 1  Ticketshop Sample 1Example 2  Ticketshop Sample 2Example 3  TicketShop Sample 3 You can use these templates by uploading them in the ticketshop designer with the  button. And of course with the  button you can download the template. The last button is the uploadbutton. Just try it. Our templates are 100% css compatible. Which means: If you, and millions of other people, have a …

Hoe maak ik een floorplan?

In deze blog kort hoe je een floorplan moet maken.

DESIGN YOUR FLOOR PLAN First things first: you need to create a floor plan. To make this easy, we developed an in-browser designer tool, allowing you to just point and click, drag and drop the elements on your floor plan. your floorplan is not aware of your event or events yet. We need to arrange that.  The whole idea is that you create a floorplan completely independent from your events, so later on you can reuse this floorplan over and over again.  CATEGORIES Since they are directly linked to the physical location of the seats on the chart,seat categories are defined when drawing the chart. You can add, remove and edit categories directly from within the i-ticketz chart drawer: go to category mode in the chart drawer, drag to select some seats and you’ll get this handy popup: The categories represent a ticket type or a set of ticket types. It is possible to add more ticket types to a category. The visitor has to select the seat(s), …